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About us

The history of the poultry farm and main areas of work.

3.jpgPrivate enterprise was established in 2010.

To date, the production capacity of the poultry complex is six buildings, including a feed mill and hatchery, which was built in 2015, completing its commissioning of a full production cycle.

In 2013 we concluded an agreement with the Dominant CZ private firm, which was a new stage in the development of the farm economy: our poultry complex became the exclusive representative of this breed of chickens in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Previously unknown breed attracted attention not only with its original color, but also with a high level of adaptability to local conditions, unpretentiousness, and high egg production. Chickens of this breed bring up to 290-300 eggs per year averagely, and by 1.5 years the weight of a year-old hen grows to 2.8 kg.

The points that should be noted among the advantages of the poultry complex in terms of the content and breeding of farming birds:

These advantages, as well as well-organized processes for breeding poultry, make it possible to get healthy species, easily adapted to new conditions and tolerant to unfavorable circumstances. In this respect, Dominant CZ chickens are ideal for young breeders or beginning farmers.

On the website of the "Dominant" poultry complex you can buy a hatching egg for self-breeding chickens, day old chicks, pullets, as well as mature poultry of the Dominant CZ breed wholesale or retail from the manufacturer.

Please call to place an order +7 (927) 048-12-05 or leave a request on the website.

Official representative on the territory of the Russian Federation:

KFK Sejtaliev Vadim Rustemovich

423800, Russia, Tatarstan, Mendeleyevsk, Munajka village

t / f +7 (927) 048-12-05

e-mail: info@domkur.com